Grinder Machine

The grinder is a machine that will kill all monsters and animals in a certain radius in front of it. Other entities like Armorstands, Items and Players will not be killed, destroyed or hurt by this machine. 


To create it, throw 16 rotten flesh, 2 iron ingots and a golden sword on the ground on the same block and it will pop into your inventory.


Once created, stand on the spot you want the grinder to be on, and throw it straight down. It will create the irrigator at your feet. 


A 3x3 area in front of the grinder will be highlighted with orange particles. Anything that stands on those particles will be instantly killed and will be drop regular drops. Rare drops or Experience orbs will not drop from the killed mobs. 


If you want to get rid of the machine, simply break it and you will receive the item back.


This machine is also available as a "One-Command" and is easily installed into any minecraft world running minecraft 15w51b+ or 1.9. You can get it "here".