Irrigator Machine

The irrigator is a machine that will increase the growth speed of all normal crops. The special crops won't be affected by it. 


To create it, throw 2 bones, 2 iron ingots and a hay bale on the ground on the same block and it will pop into your inventory.


Once created, stand on the spot you want the irrigator to be on, and throw it straight down. It will create the irrigator at your feet. 


Now you can put a 3x3 square of farmland on top (see picture) which will instantly hydrate, so no water is required. Place your crops on top and enjoy.


If you want to get rid of the machine, simply break it and you will receive the item back.


This machine is also available as a "One-Command" and is easily installed into any minecraft world running minecraft 15w51b+ or 1.9. You can get it "here".