The Jetpack is a jetpack as you know it. Handling is a bit different though. Instead of pressing the jump key to go up, it is the sneak key (see picture). Movement up is rather quick, but movement forward and backward is slow. Therefore, I do not recommend using this jetpack to fly long distances. 


To create a jetpack, you need to throw an iron chestplate and 16 iron ingots on the ground, and the jetpack will pop into your inventory. It will also show a message telling that some of the mechanics are made by TheSpellBook. He made the main flying mechanics and allowed me to use it in the map. 

The Controller

The Controller is an item that allows the jetpack to hover in the air without going up or down. This will make longer flights easier and less tiring for your fingers.


You can create a controller by throwing 16 iron and a lever on the ground together and once again, the item will pop into your inventory. 


To activate it, press the drop key (default: Q) and you will enable or disable hover mode. You will not lose the item by doing this.