Weapons and Tools

In Dull Dusks, there are more ways of slaughtering the enemy. There are a number of new weapons, armors and tools to be created. There is even an entire quest line based on it. This page will help you create, and collect them all! 


Platinum is by far the rarest metal in the map. It is heavy, but very sturdy, and therefore an exelent material for a strong and dureable set of armor. 


To get your hands on a piece of platinum is not easy. You can smash triple compressed cobblestone in a smasher, which has a 20% chance of outputting platinum. It also has a random chance of dropping from skeletons, God knows why.


When you finally have a few pieces of platinum, find yourself a smasher and craft armor like you normally would with any other type of armor. The more ingots the armor piece has, the more protection is on it. 


The armor pieces all have the same properties of golden armor, but have unbreaking VII on it. They all have their own amount of protection:


  • Helmet - Protection VIII
  • Chestplate - Protection X
  • Leggings - Protection VIII
  • Boots - Protection VII